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Ainsworth Electric Motor, LLC is proud to be a Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer.  Zimmatic pivots and parts are of excellent quality and are built strong to provide our customer with the best irrigation system there is.  Contact us for all your pivot needs, whether you are needing a new pivot or are just needing service and repairs on your existing pivot, we are there for you.


We are your local Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer. We can measure and design the perfect pivot for your specific needs. Trust the brand with the thickest pipe and the best reputation. Call today for information or to get your pivot quote!

Click below for more information from the Zimmatic by Lindsay website.

NFTrax 2.0.jpg

NFTrax and NFTrax 2.0

These revolutionary airless tires save time, money, and manpower with their advanced design and capabilities. Choose the original NFTrax design for your tower that often becomes stuck, or choose the new and improved NFTrax 2.0 that are designed with deeper lugs and an optional Z-tread design to tackle the toughest of all terrains. See the video or click below for more information.


Lindsay develops and produces it's own technologies. The FieldNET family is part of that technology, and it's capabilities are unmatched by the competition. The FieldNET family includes:
FieldNET itself is the telemetry technology to monitor and control your irrigation system.

Pivot Control is the unit powered by FieldNET that acts as your panel and gives you total control of your pivot from the convenience of your phone - Anytime. Anywhere.

Pivot Control Lite is the smaller unit mounted at the end of your pivot. It gives some of the control options.
Pivot Watch is the newest member of the FieldNET family. It is a monitor-only solution for those who want the convenience of remotely monitoring their pivot without the price tag of the more advanced options.

Advisor is the most advanced technology in the market today. This unmatched technology uses your knowledge of your fields, weather patterns, previous yields, and other algorithms to help you best determine the proper amount of water your fields need and when.

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